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Custom Listing - Rachel

Custom Listing - Rachel

If this isn’t your listing please don’t purchase! 

Custom listing for Rachel 

- Leopard Skin Jasper Pumpkin Necklace

- Larvakite Sycthe Necklace 

- Moss Agate Silver Spider Necklace

- Turquoise Silver Spider Necklace

- Spiderweb Jasper x Blue Sapphire Witches Hat Necklace

- Crazy Lace Agate Pumpkin Necklace

- Red Jasper Pumpkin Necklace 

- Ocean Jasper Pumpkin Necklace

- Amethyst Pumpkin Necklace 

- Strawberry Quartz RIP Gravestone Necklace

- Rose Quartz Coffin Necklace

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