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Infinite Garden

Crystal Confetti Scoop

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This listing is for one Crystal Confetti Scoop. Scoops are determined by 1/2 cup. 

Please note that each scoop is RANDOM. You will receive a random assortment. You are not guaranteed everything on this list. Photos only show an example of what your scoop may look like. 

This batch of Crystal Confetti includes -

  • Green Jasper Tumbles
  • Jet Tumbles
  • Yellow Jasper Tumbles
  • Red Jasper Tumbles
  • Rose Quartz Tumbles
  • Picture Jasper Tumbles
  • Carnelian Tumbles
  • Smoky Quartz Tumbles
  • Zebra Jasper Tumbles
  • White Howlite Tumbles
  • Clear Quartz Points
  • Lapis Lazuli Tumbles
  • Rough Chevron Amethyst 
  • Clear Quartz Tumbles
  • Rough Pyrite 
  • Rainbow Fluorite Tumbled Chips
  • Tigers Eye Hearts
  • Sodalite Hearts
  • Various Crystal Mushrooms
  • Mini Spheres
  • Bigger Flower Agate Pieces
  • Soapstone carvings
  • Rose Quartz Hearts
  • Carnelian Hearts
  • Chevron Amethyst Hearts