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Crystal Confetti Scoop

Crystal Confetti Scoop

This listing is for one Crystal Confetti Scoop. Scoops are determined by 1/2 cup. 

Please note that each scoop is RANDOM. You will receive a random assortment. You are not guaranteed everything on this list. Photos only show an example of what your scoop may look like. Boxes come with list inside

This batch of Crystal Confetti includes-


  • Green Jasper Tumbles
  • Small Rose Quartz Tumbles
  • Red Jasper Tumbles
  • Large Rose Quartz Tumbles
  • Picture Jasper Tumbles
  • Smoky Quartz Tumbles
  • Zebra Jasper Tumbles
  • Lapis Lazuli Chips
  • Rough Chevron Amethyst 
  • Clear Quartz Tumbles
  • Rough Pyrite 
  • Rainbow Fluorite Tumbled Chips
  • Various Crystal Mushrooms
  • Small Chevron Amethyst Tumbles
  • Black Onyx Tumbles
  • Large Labradorite Tumbles
  • White Quartz Tumbles
  • Tigers Eye Tumbles
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